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Poznan, Poland Poznan, Poland

Orbert Davis and Chicago Jazz Philharmonic (CJP) were invited to perform at the 4th Annual “Made in Chicago" festival in Poznań, Poland.
November 28, 2009

Strings And Things That Swing: The New Third Stream Strings And Things That Swing: The New Third Stream

The premiere performance of the new Chicago Jazz Philharmonic (CJP) Chamber Ensemble, comprised of 14 musicians.
November 14, 2009

Nelson Mandela Tribute: Hope In Action Nelson Mandela Tribute: Hope In Action

Chicago took center stage in a day of world-wide celebration honoring the life and ideals of Nelson Mandela, on the occasion of his 90th birthday.
July 21, 2008

Dedication Of Dedication Of "Cloud Gate"

"Fanfare for Cloud Gate," written by Orbert Davis and performed with the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic brass section, was composed in dedication of the 110-ton sculpture located in Chicago's Millennium Park.
May 15, 2008

Infiniti In Black

“Beyond Machine: A Concerto for Generation I.” by Orbert Davis.

Made In Chicago:  Home Cooked Jazz Made In Chicago: Home Cooked Jazz

Orbert Davis' 50-plus piece orchestra is one of the most versatile large orchestras anywhere and certainly Chicago's most adventurous unit.
August 27, 2007

A Collaboration Of Genius

"A Collaboration of Genius," featured an evening of new music composed and arranged by Orbert Davis.
June 2, 2007

Auditorium Theatre Variety Series

Where jazz and classical co-existed in peaceful harmony!
March 4, 2006

Made In Chicago: Millenium Park Jazz Series

Orbert Davis' swinging Chicago Jazz Philharmonic showcased its repertory of original works, while celebrating the 40th anniversary of Chicago's pioneering Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) by premiering a new composition.
August 29, 2005

Chicago Jazz Festival Chicago Jazz Festival

This performance marked the debut for the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic.
September 4, 2004

#OrlandosWalkChallenge #OrlandosWalkChallenge

During this time of social distancing, we are encouraging our family at Chicago Jazz Philharmonic to come together in song with the #OrlandosWalkChallenge.
May 2020

2021 2021 "Think Big!" Gala

CJP’s Orbert Davis jumps into the late night TV world with his long-time friend and fellow jazz superstar, two-time Grammy winning jazz vocalist Kurt Elling as his main guest.
June 24, 2021

Third Stream Residency at the University of Louisville Third Stream Residency at the University of Louisville

Recognizing that classical orchestral and jazz ensemble programs are often disconnected from each other, this university residency will ‘bridge the gap’.