Poznan, Poland

November 28, 2009, Poznan, Poland

Orbert Davis and Chicago Jazz Philharmonic (CJP) were invited to perform at the 4th Annual “Made in Chicago" festival in Poznań, Poland. CJP partnered with a student orchestra from the classical institution Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznań for the Polish premiere of Davis’ “Collective Creativity Suite”.

The November 28, 2009 performance at Aula Nova, Poznań’s most modern concert hall, was preceded by approximately 30 hours of scheduled rehearsal time with the Poznań Orchestra which consisted of workshops and master classes led by Davis and other CJP musicians that taught students about improvisation techniques, how to ‘swing’, jazz composition, and identifying complementary elements in jazz and classical genres.


Chicago Tribune (November 20, 2012)
“...trumpeter Orbert Davis brought core players from his Chicago Jazz Philharmonic to the fest and expanded it in Poznan with conservatory students who found themselves playing Third Stream jazz for the first time in their lives.” -Howard Reich

Stay Thirsty Media (March 2010)
“That single performance renewed my faith in humanity and the possibilities that people of different backgrounds, races and cultures can truly co-exist and work together at an amazingly high level, sharing common goals. These sixty students, who for the most part never played or experienced jazz, were swinging and improvising in a few days, without losing the integrity of their classical backgrounds!” -Quote by Orbert Davis; Interviewed by Judith S. McCue
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