Strings And Things That Swing: The New Third Stream

November 14, 2009

This evening marked the premiere performance of the new Chicago Jazz Philharmonic (CJP) Chamber Ensemble, comprised of 14 musicians. Repertoire included works that demonstrated how the jazz and classical genres can indeed fuse, creating a new aesthetic; works by Bill Russo, David Baker, Gunther Schuller, Daniel Schnieder and of course Orbert Davis.

During a post-concert discussion from the stage, hosted by jazz journalist and Grammy nominee Neil Tesser, artistic director Orbert Davis, along with members of the ensemble, talked about the intersections of jazz and classical; chamber group versus orchestra; and why CJP is β€œthe only orchestra of its kind in the entire United States.” (Gunther Schuller)


The Chicago Tribune (October 18, 2012)
β€œYou can hear that most lucidly when the CJP performs Davis' originals, as it will Saturday, when the "Strings & Things That Swing!" program will include his brilliant "Family Portraits." Davis and the CJP Chamber Ensemble played the world premiere of the piece last year at the Chicago Jazz Festival, and the relentless rhythmic and harmonic tension of the piece proved gripping.”-Howard Reich