Paradise Blue

April 26 - July 23, 2017, Timeline Theater

A dynamic and jazz-infused drama about what’s at stake when building a better future. In Detroit’s Black Bottom neighborhood in 1949, a gifted trumpeter and troubled owner of the Paradise jazz nightclub is contemplating a buyout offer for the city’s urban renewal plan. Orbert Davis' original soundtrack of the music he composed exclusively for Paradise Blue is on sale!

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Third Coast Review (May 10, 2017)
TimeLine Theatre’s production adds a superb original score by Orbert Davis to accompany the cast of five…[Davis] weaves a musical thread that beautifully supports and never intrudes on the drama.”—Nancy Bishop

Chicago Tribune (October 16, 2017)
“"Paradise Blue" is a traditionally structured drama, albeit filled with the music and longing of composer Orbert Davis...a juicy and resonant piece of writing, filled to the brim with complex, empathetic characters struggling and infighting as part of a community living under extreme duress.'"—Chris Jones