Four Corners of the World

April 24, 2015 at 8:00PM, North Shore Center for Performing Arts

CJP Chamber Ensemble featured three Grammy Award-winning guest artists – Howard Levy, Eugene Friesen and Glen Velez, performing together as ‘Trio Globo.’ "Four Corners of the World" showcased how these individuals “meld complex and rhythmic musical motifs with Asian and Indian musical overtones for an inventive new sound” ( Combined with the genre-defying abilities of the Chicago Jazz Philharmonic, this performance will took listeners on a musical journey wherein boundaries between genres and countries were erased and redefined.


Seth Saith: Chicago Jazz/Classical Review Blog (April 26, 2015)
“It certainly seemed like a collaboration all were enjoying, onstage and in the audience.[...]The unique and diverse instrumentation was certainly a pleasure to hear, including Davis dazzling on trumpet, Levy on harmonica, Friesen playing cello with a bow but also at times plucking as though it were a guitar, guitarist John Moulder having some really nice solos and the CJP string section adding lovely depth, even to more jazzy numbers.”-Seth Saith