Chicago Immigrant Stories III

October 23, 2021

Chicago Immigrant Stories III: The Culinary Edition 

About the Concert:

Chicago Immigrant Stories is a multi-year music series where jazz, classical, and ethnic folk music intersect in new and unexpected ways. The third edition will feature shamisen, contra bass and Taiko master Tatsu Aoki (Japan), percussionist Geraldo De Oliveira (Brazil), and bandura master Ivan Shmilo (Ukraine). Maestro Davis has invited Argentinian pianist Leandro Lopez Varady to be a co-composer for the project.

Since 2017, Co-Founder and Artistic Director Orbert Davis has invited guest artists to share their families' origin stories, culture, and artistry to create compelling experiences for audiences across Chicago. The purpose is to employ jazz, with its tradition of collaboration, openness, and improvisation, to foster more productive discourse on human relations and share ideas on what it means to be 'American.'

This year the series takes the mixing of musical ingredients a step further by exploring the ways in which culinary traditions define our immigrant stories. This approach recognizes that food, like music is at the heart of our human experience, and the two things we are most likely to share when we come together in normal times.

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October 23, 2021 at 7:30 PM

Wilson Abbey
935 W Wilson Ave,
Chicago, IL 60640

This concert is free and open to the public.


*PLEASE NOTE: In-person seating is limited to 150 spots on a first come first served basis but is subject to change based on CDC guidelines.* 


  *Proof of vaccination (card or photo) required at entrance
 (48-72 hour COVID-19 negative test result reuqired in lieu of proof of vaccination card upon entry)
 *Masks required
 First row of seats will be set at 10 feet from front of stage for distancing

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We invite you and neighborhood residents across the city to celebrate Chicago's diversity by sharing family stories, photos and most importantly, recipes that represent your own cultural culinary traditions to our interactive map!

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