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About the project...

What do Igor Stravinsky and the Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians (AACM) have in common? Not much. But, when Stravinsky's rhythmic, blocked forms and melodic permutations are paralleled with the AACM's unrestricted innovation and roots in African and African-American traditions, the result is a conglomeration of artistic freedom, rhythmic energy and melodic expression.

Orbert Davis' "Collective Creativity" is the long awaited debut CD by Chicago Jazz Philharmonic (CJP), a barrier-breaking and genre-bending 55+ piece symphonic jazz orchestra that has the flexibility, instrumentation and talent to perform music ranging from big band classics to symphonic works. With a virtuosic mastery of diverse stylist requirements, the CJP possesses the skill to perform in an exciting arena that bridges classical music and jazz. The new disc is a synthesis of these talents. Featuring AACM members Nicole Mitchell, Ari Brown, Ed Wilkerson and Mwata Bowden, the movements of the "Collective Creativity" Suite recall the tragedy of human bondage; reflect the significance of community and collaboration; represents unity and diversity; promotes the importance of individuality; and emphasizes legacy and heritage. There's also a special guest appearance by vocalist Terisa Griffin.

Ryan Cohan (piano)
Stewart Miller (bass)
Ernie Adams (drums)
Chicago Jazz Philharmonic (55+ piece symphonic orchestra)
Also featuring the AACM's...
Nicole Mitchell, flute
Ari Brown, tenor sax
Ed Wilkerson, tenor sax
Mwata Bowden, bari sax
Also, Special Guest performance by vocalist Terisa Griffin
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